Corporate Fitness

Companies are catching on: corporate fitness and wellness plans can boost your bottom line, increase employee productivity and reduce sick leave. Your employees are healthier and your health care costs can drop. Just think about it, exercise releases endorphins and a healthy diet contributes to a better mood and more energy. Corporate fitness programs lead to to happier and healthier employees.

Define Fitness can help your employees (and yourself!) get fit, healthy, and more productive. We specialize in creating corporate fitness programs to meet the unique needs of your staff.

  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet are proven to boost energy, improve mood, and enhance productivity.
  • Studies show that workplace fitness programs can lower overall healthcare costs and reduce sick leave.

Let our experienced and certified instructors get your staff fit!


We offer a variety of classes ranging from high intensity, full-body workouts to beginner classes focusing on basic exercise techniques. We also offer popular, specialized classes such as spin, Pilates, and yoga, as well as Zumba and Pechanga. Sample classes we offer include:

Define Fit

This fast-paced, non-stop class will never stop challenging you! This intensive class combines strength training, plyometrics (jumping movements), boxing, kickboxing, cardio and flexibility exercises. The focus of the class is full-body strength training plus cardio all-in-one. Be ready to get fit!

Define Fit – Level I

This class is for individuals who are looking to get fit, but are beginners to working out. During this class, individuals will learn proper form and technique while exercising at a moderate pace. The class will include basic strength training, basic cardio, boxing, stationary cycling, and flexibility exercises. Instructors will take the time to make sure that each participant knows how to properly perform each exercise and there will be sufficient rest periods. The best time to start getting fit is now!

Boot Camp

Kick off your day with a high-energy, high-intensity workout! This boot-camp style class will work you to the max with strength training, plyometrics (jumping movements), body weight training, sprinting, running, and cycling. This class will keep you moving and get your day started on the right track!

Corporate Fitness


Corporate Fitness Nutrition

In addition to exercise, proper nutrition is a key component of a fit lifestyle. Our certified nutritionists offer seminars to help your staff learn healthy eating habits and complement their workout routines with a nutritious, balanced diet. Our nutrition seminars provide real-world advice and guidance on how to accomplish your fitness and nutrition goals for busy professionals.

Corporate Personal Training

Take your corporate fitness program to the next level by offering customized personal training programs for individuals or small groups. Working with a personal trainer one-on-one or in small groups can further motivate your staff and inspire them to keep reaching for the next level of fitness. The flexibility of personal training sessions can accommodate the schedules of time-strapped professionals.

Corporate Fitness