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Carlos Martin

Carlos Martin Denver Personal Trainer
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    Carlos has been rocking the fitness industry for over 10 years and absolutely loves what he does.  Carlos and the Define Fitness staff thrive on getting to know each and every person they work with and truly find joy when goals are achieved. From the moment you meet Carlos, you will feel his high energy and enthusiasm. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve the results they dream about! Most of all, Carlos thinks training should be FUN! He most enjoys working with clients who bring both a sense of commitment and a sense of humor to their training. When he’s not training clients, Carlos enjoys playing bass guitar. Carlos is also a self-described “comic book geek.” Carlos is originally from the Washington, D.C. area. He and his wife, Theresa, have two beautiful sons.
Personal Trainer

Ben Kroger

Ben Kroger Denver Personal Trainer
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    Ben grew up in a small town in South Dakota and first discovered exercise while competing in sports as a child, which carried into high school and college. Participating in baseball, track, football, and wrestling he understood the need to stay in great shape to perform at the best possible competitive level.  Ben began his personal training career in Corpus Christi, TX before moving to Denver.  With over 12 years of experience in the wellness industry he has helped a wide variety of clients achieve their health and fitness goals.
Class Instructor

Mimi Coria

Mimi Coria Denver Personal Trainer
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    Mimi has been touted as a gifted encourager and motivator full of energy, commitment, and true devotion to health and fitness, and all with a welcoming smile! Her passion is evidenced by having exercised herself diligently for the past 20 years.  After making the switch from avid class participant to group instructor, she began incorporating personal training into her fitness career.  Constantly mixing things up with the goal of preventing boredom and increasing adherence, her teaching style is considered  but all the while fun and even exciting, as no one exercise session is ever the same!
Personal Trainer

Jonny Zakett

Jonny Zakett Denver Personal Trainer
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    Jonny got involved in winter sports at a young age and after an ACL/MCL tear and rehab he started to pursue his career in fitness. Shortly after graduating from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado he received his NSCA certification and has plans to continue his education with fitness and pursue a CSCS certification. When it comes to his training philosophy, he believes in pushing yourself as hard as you can and to never give less than 100%. He also believes that with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that it’s possible for anyone to transform their body. With that being said, Jonny still believes in having fun and making enjoyable workouts that push people to their limits and beyond. Jonny earned many aspects of fitness from many different groups from bodybuilders to marathon and cross-country athletes and has a wide range of knowledge to help people reach their goals.
Pilates Instructor

Ozlem Akdogan

Ozlem Akdogan Denver Personal Trainer
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    Ozlem has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years teaching group exercise classes of different formats. Along the way she had surgeries requiring lengthy rehabilitation. From her struggles through rehab, she realized she wanted to do more to help other individuals recover and get back to their lives. She decided to take the next step and pursue her passion for fitness and health by becoming a personal trainer. She first experienced Pilates as part of her surgery rehabilitation over 7 years ago. She realized then that she wanted to incorporate Pilates into her and her clients’ lives. She combines her knowledge of Pilates and fitness allows her to create effective, efficient, and FUN programs for her clients.
Fitness Trainer

April Sharrock

April Sharrock Denver Personal Trainer
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    April has been involved in the fitness industry for much of her life. After suffering a debilitating thyroid disease, she recovered and regained herself through fitness and proper nutrition. She studied at Colorado State University and then furthered her education by receiving certificates in Personal Training through ACE and ISSA. April is also certified in Performance Nutrition. She relies on her certification with the American College on Sports Nutrition (ACSM) to keep her on the cutting edge of sports science. She is a certified Post Therapy Rehab Trainer and has  thousands of hours of experience working with individuals. April’s approach to fitness and nutrition is lighthearted and fun, encouraging everyone to get involved in an enjoyable, rewarding way. Each program is designed with quick and lasting success in mind.
Personal Trainer

Kim Smith

Denver Personal Trainer
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    Coming soon!
Personal Trainer

Seth Richmond

Denver Personal Trainer
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    Seth is our rugged mountain man.  On weekends he can be found exploring the high peaks with his camper-van, mountain bike, and well kept man bun.  He spent six years on desk patrol as a Computer Engineer before he finally gave in to the call of the wild.  Before graduating with honors from National Personal Training Institute of Colorado and getting his NASM certification, he traveled around the world searching for adventure through movement.  Ask him about his game of Spikeball at Mount Everest Base Camp, how it felt to sleep outdoors for 40 nights in a row while biking through New Zealand, or how his experience learning natural movement from the experts of MovNat in Thailand can benefit you.  Seth’s approach to fitness is fundamental to his adventures and his abilities as an athlete.  He uses a ground up approach to build on your strengths, correct your weaknesses, and keep you injury free.  No doubt that after working with Seth you’ll not only want to find adventure, but you’ll have the physical tools to do so.
Personal Trainer

Kate McDonald

Denver Personal Trainer
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    Kate received her B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science from Colorado State University. For more than 23 years she has trained in New York City, Southern California, and currently, Colorado, helping others set and reach their personal fitness goals. In addition to in-home personal training, Kate teaches her KICK YOUR BOOT CAMP classes, and is a track/cross country coach for Sky View Academy. She was a marathon coach with the LLS’s Team-in-Training for four years, has completed seven marathons, the Canadian Ironman triathlon, and is active in distance races and triathlons. Kate has a passion for helping others become as healthy and fit as they can be.